Ambition is the walkway to success

D4G offers mentoring services that enable individuals, couples and organisations to follow in the path to out-of-reach opportunities. We combine a holistic approach to personal development with the ability to focus on the key skills. As Mentors, we are highly competent in performing the skills we teach. Our Coaching and Mentoring serves to transfer the skills to you rather than doing the job for you. Our niche is to mentor you in your long term goals using coaching and mentoring technqiues, as well as being able to reference through our own pitfalls and highlights that we have experienced along the way. Furthermore, give guidance to enable you to stride that same path. D4G Mentors always bear in mind that, mentoring is a shared job.We are not solely responsible for creating a successful mentoring relationship, but yourself being mentored needs to be flexible, honest, open and receptive to feedback and insight.

"I am not a teacher, but an awakener". R Frost