Meet the Coaches

Personal Life coach

Taffy is a young, energetic and ambitious life coach based in Manchester United Kingdom and is enthusiastic in working with people from all backgrounds, helping them achieve their goals that align with their destiny. She works with individuals, couples and small businesses that desire to make a positive change in their situations or those that are already doing great but wish to excel.


Apart from being a Personal Life coach and Director at D4G Lifecoaching she is also a wife and an entrepreneur, the woman behind TTstyles fashions, she is an advocate for orphaned and vulnerable children working as CEO for Maranatha Shelter Charity. Career wise she has a BA (HONS) Degree in Business and Management and has a strong Financial Services background which she majored in Investment Trade Settlements and is now a Cash Management  Specialist In Liquidities for a reputable investment bank. She also takes part and leads in various Ministries.


As a young woman, "I know how hard it  is to set goals and stick to them, having struggled myself in certain areas, I have the passion to help others realise the potential they already have". We become more motivated when we have someone to hold us accountable.

Coach Charles

We guide you in the right direction, speedily.

Personal Lifecoach

Charles has a passion for and works with small businesses, couples and individuals assisting them in goal setting, planning and follow ups in order to maximise their potential. Coming from an entrepreneurial background he utilises his varied knowledge and skills in helping others become the best they can be. Apart from being a Life coach and Director at D4G Lifecoaching Ltd he also Directs Othniel Ltd venturing in Health Services and Real Estate. He also comes from a Biomedical Science Background with a BSC Biomedical Sicence degree. He is also a husband and a Ministry leader .