Spiritual coaching

You are marked for greatness

How important is your spiritual wellness and wellbeing?


This is oftenly overlooked, we are here to help you identify and overcome barriers to living a great physical and spiritual life.

When your soul is happy and your spirit is well you have a positive aura which seems to make things go right.


Relationship Coaching

Have you given up on relationships? Have you been hurt and feel like true love is all a myth? What would it look like if you looked after yourself well and attracted the right person?

You are not what happened to you, you are who you choose to become!


What is relationship coaching?


Relationship coaching requires you and me to work together and set goals that will help make your relationship great and healthy. You create goals and we create a tailored plan together that will help you achieve whatever you desire to see in your relationship. We will guide you all the way and follow up as required.




Does relationship coaching really work?

Certainly yes, it does as it will give you time to think deeply, reflect and be true to yourself, your emotions and soul, after all it is nice to have someone listen to us and help us realise the potential we have within.


How will it work?


We will have a one off session or several sessions that will allow you to realise what's important to you, your values, your desires, your religious beliefs and your end goal.





Career coaching

Your life your coach

In this tough economic period jobs are scarce. When you finish college or graduate from university suddenly you face a fierce competition with experienced professionals in the market. Nevertheless, you still have to make a living and having a dream job that you have always desired would be ideal. How great would it be to have a job that even if you didn't get paid it wouldn't bother you!


You have been in that job for so long that waking up in the morning is your worst nightmare, stuck in a routine, bored and too many stumbling blocks along the way and no one seems to help and understand you?

Nevertheless, its not too late to change your lifestyle and destiny.We are here to help you:



1. Know Yourself

 * "What are you passionate about?"

 * "What are your strenghts,gifts,and key abilities?"

*"What do you want to learn, and how do you want to contribute?"






Distance between reality and dreams is action

Spiritual Mentoring


Career Mentoring


Relationship Mentoring




What is the difference between Mentoring and Coaching?

Coaching and Mentoring work in the same way to get the same results however, coaching is for a short term based task whilst mentoring is a long term relationship between you the mentee' and us as your mentor.


Contact us for our tailor made Mentoring packages for 6 months and 12 months


Personal Life Coaching

Are you Stuck? You know what you want but just can’t seem to put the puzzle together and just make it happen, we know it can be very frustrating. We’re here to assist you tune that frustration into the motivation, confidence and action, that will move you towards your destiny. Our professional coaches will help you make it clearer, discover your passion, and make steps that will make your dreams a reality.

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